The plan always starts with which players don't fit the strategy moving forward. Initial Cuts: Darby, Horne, Ogundeji, Franks, Woodside, Neuzil, and Anemih. Horne and Ogundeji had very poor performances in 2022. The rest were rookies.

Returning Members on ROSTER: Ridder, Allgeier, Patterson, A. Williams, Huntley, London, Bernhardt, Pitts, Fitzpatrick, Matthews, Lindstrom, Dalman, Hennessy, Shafer, Koo, Alford, Hayward, Hall, Terrell, Grant, Hawkins, T. Anderson, M. Walker, T. Graham, Jarrett, Malone, Ebiketie, Moffatt, and Dalton. 29 on ROSTER = $127.9M

Next we determine which players we would like to bring back: 9 players

TE2 MyCole Pruitt ($3.5M x 3)

Backup OT Chuma Edoga ($2.5 x 2)

NCB1 Isaiah Oliver ($4.5M x 1)

NCB2 Mike Ford ($1.4 M x 1)

RDE Abdullah Anderson ($1.7M x 1)

WRF-Z K. Hodge ($1.4M x 1)

MIKE2 Dorian Etheridge ($1.1M x 1)

Punter Bradley Pinion ($1.7M)

LS Liam McCullough ($0.8M)

TOTAL: $18.6M

Primary F/A Targets:

RT Jermaine Eluemunor (3 yrs / $16.8M) - $5.6 Million per versus McGary’s $17.1 Million market value

· 6’4"/345. PFF: 75.3 / P 76.1 / R 75.7. On 940 snaps he had 10 penalties, 26 pressures of which 3 were sacks.

· McGary’s PFF (@ $17M/year) PFF: 86.6 / P 66.9 / R 91.6. On 1051 snaps he had 5 penalties, 19 pressures of which 6 were sacks.

LG Nate Davis (3 yrs / $22.2M) - $7.4 Million per

· 6’3"/316. PFF: 70.6 / P 66.8 / R 69.8. On 682 snaps, he had 4 penalties and allowed 3 sacks.

QB2 Jacoby Brissett ($5.4M x 1)

· 6’4"/235. PFF: 82.6 / P 75.2 / R 91.5. 2,608 yards, 369 attempts --- 7.1 yds/att. 12 TD / 6 INT.

EDGE/SAM Arden Key ($10M x 3)

· 6’5"/240. PFF: 81.3 / PR 73.5 / RD 74.2. Achieved 44 pressures (1 per 7.1 snaps) and 5 sacks.

· L. Carter’s PFF: 60.5 / PR 51.5 / RD 67.7. Achieved 33 pressures (1 per 11.8 snaps) and 5 sacks.

NT/DT1 Javon Hargrave ($20.1M x 3 years)

· 6’2"/305. PFF: 78.2 / PR 90.8 / RD 48.2. Achieved 57 pressures (11 sacks) on 453 pass snaps (1 per 7.9 snaps).

SS Vonn Bell (3 yrs $30.4M) - $10.1 Million per

· 5’11"/215. PFF: 67.2 / PR 69. / RD 64.8 / COV 65.6. Achieved 4 INT’s.



Current (29) = $ 127.9M

Deadcap = $ 13.1M

Draft picks: 9 = $ 13.1M

F/A Returnees: 9 = $ 18.6M

New F/A: 6 = $ 58.6M

TOTAL CAP HIT = $ 214.3M ($15.7M under CAP)

(This cap space would allow for more upgrades at QB, S, and LB, if necessary.)


Rashaan Evans (PFF 59.6) was an average to below-average MLB but led the team in tackles (159). He has a market value of $9 Million over two years (per Spotrac). Lorenzo Carter’s stats indicate that he had an average year as a pass-rusher (see above) and these new players show more upside. His output does not warrant re-signing with Arden Key available. Arden Key has improved every year and has more upside following his breakout campaign. If they want to reduce cost on the NEW F/A's Dalvin Tomlinson (DT) would save money (~$12M) over Javon Hargrave, but I believe Jarrett, Hargrave, Key, Ebiketie, and Morris would be a formidable pass rushing unit.

Atlanta trades #8 + #110 to GB for #15 + #45 + #78 (Green Bay traded for 43DE Tyree Wilson)

--- 1P15 CB Devon Witherspoon (IL 6'1" / 180 lbs)

· BPA in position of need. 4th CB drafted in top 15. Future starter opposite Terrell.

---2P44 ILB Noah Sewell (ORE 6’2" / 253 lbs)

· Elite MIKE potential and sideline-to-sideline strength with pass rush upside. (1st round talent).

---2P45 WR Rashee Rice (SMU 6’2" / 203 lbs)

· Top-rated receiver on the Board. 4.36 40-speed.

---3P75 DE/OLB Mike Morris (MICH 6’6" / 292 lbs) 43/34 Hybrid.

· Selected over Derick Hall due to Morris’s position versatility and incredible QB pressure rate (1 per 9 snaps)

---3P78 NT Mazi Smith (MICH 6’3" / 337 lbs).

· Run-stopping threat with excellent speed (4.85 40-speed) and pass rush upside.

---4P113 WRS Parker Washington (PSU 5’10 / 215 lbs)

· Best available slot receiver on the Board. Excellent catch & run threat.

---5P146 QB3 Stetson Bennett (UGA 5'11" / 190 lbs)

· Using 5th rounder on potential QB1/QB2. Bennett’s leadership is invaluable.

---6P186 OC Ricky Stromberg (ARK 6'4" / 318 lbs)

· Best available starting-potential OC on the Board to compete long-term w/ Dalman.

---7P227 FB Hunter Luepke (NDSU 6'1" / 236 lbs)

· Fills an immediate position of need with starter and All-Pro ceiling at Fullback

QB Desmond Ridder

QB Jacoby Brissett (F/A $5.4M for one year)

QB Stetson Bennett (R5 – 5P146)

RB Tyler Allgeier

RB Cordarrelle Patterson

RB Randy Huntley

RB/KR Avery Williams

FB Hunter Luepke (NDSU 7P227)

WR Drake London

WR Rashee Rice (SMU 2P45)

WRS Parker Washington (PSU 4P113)

WR Khadarel Hodge (F/A $1.4M for one year)

WR Jared Bernhardt

TE Kyle Pitts

TE MyCole Pruitt (F/A $3.5M per x 3 years)

TE John Fitzpatrick

LT Jake Matthews

LG Nate Davis (F/A $7.4M per x 3 years)

OC Drew Dalman

RG Chris Lindstrom

RT Jermaine Eluemunor (F/A $5.6M per x 3 years)

OT Chuma Edoga (F/A $2.5M per for 2 years)

OG Matt Hennessy

OC Ricky Stromberg (ARK 6P184)

OG Justin Shafer

LEO Arnold Ebiketie

RDE/DT3 Grady Jarrett

DT1/3 Javon Hargrave (6’2" / 305 lbs. --- F/A $20.1M per x 3 years)

LDE/DT5 Ta’Quon Graham

OLB/EDGE Arden Key (F/A $10M per x 3 years)

OLB/DE Mike Morris (MICH 2P75)

NT/DT1 Mazi Smith (MICH 3P78)

DE/DT Abdullah Anderson (F/A $1.7M per for 2 years)

DE/DT5 Jalen Dalton

OLB/DE DeAngelo Malone

WILL Troy Anderson

WILL Dorian Etheridge (F/A $1.1M for one year)

MIKE Noah Sewell (OR 3P44)

MIKE Mykal Walker

SS Vonn Bell (F/A $10.1M per for 3 years)

SS Javonte Moffatt

NCB Isaiah Oliver (F/A $3.5M per for 2 years)

NCB Mike Ford (F/A $1.4M for one year)

RCB Devon Witherspoon (IL 1P15)

LCB AJ Terrell

CB Darren Hall

RCB Casey Hayward

CB Dee Alford

FS Richie Grant

FS Jaylinn Hawkins

K Younghoe Koo

P Bradley Pinion (F/A $1.7M per year)

LS Liam McCullough (F/A $0.9M per year)

I think this would be a HIGHLY competitive team!

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