Lukas Van Ness - Present Your Case

Who is DE #2? Myles Murphy? Tyree Wilson? Isiah Foskey? Each one of these guys have good but not great pass-rushing traits. It reminds me of Jeremiah Johnson. Could be a good player but, I see a run defender than a guy who gets to the QB.

Enter Lukas Van Ness.

Pros -

Great size at (6'5 265 lbs) with an ability to really get to the QB (As a pass rusher, he chalked up 43 total pressures, and 29 QB hurries, 6 QB hits, and an impressive 8 sacks during the year.)

NFL ready spin move with a knack for getting the inside to put pressure.

Played against top competition against Paris Johnson and Peter Skoronski

From a foundational standpoint, he has everything you want for potential in a guy. He could easily, if coached right, be a consistent pass rusher.

Cons -

He was never a starter (though he played 458 snaps) and for me, that's a red flag.

High ceiling doesn't always mean productive. Just means potential.

Could be better on block recognition.


Lukas Van Ness will be a first round pick regardless of experience. There's a lot I love about his game and with the right defensive coordinator could really turn into an impact guy. Every time we draft a DE, I just don't feel they impact the game enough. Beasley even in his best season, was just okay. Takk was a bust who couldn't stay healthy. Van Ness just checks off boxes for me. He reminds me a lot of Trey Hendrickson, who struggled learning blocks at first before becoming one of the top ten defensive ends in the game. I think that's enough for me to truly consider him at 8 and if somehow he isn't a 1st round pick, might be the best player available in round 2.

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