Bijan Robinson - Present Your Case

Once again we draft at 8. There's a little bit of a unique opportunity though with what could happen in those 8 picks. It's suspected that we'll see at least 2 QBs, Anderson, and Jalen Carter within those first four or so picks. I anticipate someone will pay a premium for getting the guys they want. But, from there it's a crapshoot. Let's assume at 8 that either Will Levis or Anthony Richardson are there for a team like Green Bay, Jets, or Tennessee. And we get a nice package of picks or players. What then would our draft look like?

Presenting the first case of Bijan Robinson.


Bijan is a perfect prospect for the Falcons. His combination of size (6'3, 220 lbs), speed (runs a 4.49 and I do think he plays faster than that) and Power (104 missed tackles last season) is the exact kind of pressure to take off a young QB.

He's a willing blocker in the pass protection (though I will say not the best)

His vision gives opportunity for him to turn short gains into medium or greater gains.

He's the workhorse of back and for team that relies heavily on punishing opponents, it fits pretty snug.

He is a good pass catcher than can make a play when it's needed.


He doesn't play defense, although he would help the defense probably by keeping the offense on the field.

He can be impatient

He's not a burner so don't expect him to out run DBs.

We have Tyler Allgeier.

It can feel like a luxury pick.


There's no doubt that the defense needs work. But, on a talent level, Bijan a top 5 talent. He's the kind of guy that our offensive line as currently constructed would love to block for. At pick 8? No, if we're stuck there then CB1 should still be there or maybe DE 2 or 3. But assuming a trade down? Yes. Absolutely.

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