WR/TE options for 2023....

London is the clear 1 but we need better options to go with him.

DJ Chark

Reliable number 2 that is pretty damn sure handed

Marvin Jones

Older option but still a solid WR 2/3

Mecole Hardman

Fast would be the deep ball WR that is needed and would get more playing time here then in KC (also UGA)

Devin Duvernay

Coming off a foot injury could be bad but he's a fast WR that could be the deep ball receiver were looking for. (he isnt a free agent and would require a trade but nothing major probably a 6th)

Mycole Pruitt

Number 1 on my list to bring back for the offense proved to be a solid backup when needed after Pitts got hurt.

Nick Boyle

One of the best blocking TE's in the NFL and would be perfect here.

Drew Sample

Another solid blocking TE that would fit great here but also coming off of a knee injury so he should be cheap.

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