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Falcons fans confident Atlanta can make the playoffs next season

Fans think Arthur Smith and Terry Fontenot have this team headed in the right direction.

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Falcons demonstrated in the last two games of the season that there’s definitely potential for this team to succeed if they plug some roster holes and add some talent this offseason.

It was enough to make fans feel confident in the team’s chances in 2023.

Even though 26% of Falcons fans aren’t confident the team can make the postseason in 2023, 87% of Falcons fans are confident the team is headed in the right direction.

The Falcons do have some weaknesses on the roster they need to address this offseason, and they’ve got the draft picks and cap space to do it well. Once again, Falcons fans believe that the defensive line is the biggest position of need heading into this offseason.

Here’s what Falcons fans had to say about this week’s questions:


Am I confident they make the playoffs next year? No, I’m not ready to say that yet. Is that my expectation? Yes. This team needs to show me a strong offseason with a good amount of roster turnover for me to say that I see the team that can take them to the post-season.

Am I confident in the direction of the team? Yes. Two seasons with a bad roster where we ended the year at 7-10. Thats about as good as we could realistically hope for pre-season for both two consecutive seasons. Get better players and you should get a better record.

I think the obvious need to prioritize is EDGE, but for me that is a d-lineman. We need a 3-4 DE who can set the edge and rush the passer. That is a role we have not even been close to having since this new version of the Falcons started. We desperately need that marque player at that position. After that is a tie for a true NT and true pass rushing 3-4 OLB.


I’m very confident that they can make the playoffs but I’d have to see the finished product before I can say I’m confident that they will.

As opposed the Saints, Bucs, and Panthers (to a lesser extent), all of the cards point in our favor. We have more money, youth, and may be the only team who has their future QB already on the team, though, that last one is debatable. I hope we give Ridder the reins to start next season.

From this point on, this team belongs to TF/AS. I’ve been impressed with how they’ve handled this cash-strapped franchise over the past two years but now it’s time to find out if they’re able to construct a major contender or not.

We’ll see how this survey goes after free agency and the draft but, I admit, I’m bullish on the future.

The Inconceivable Vizzini:

With the cupcake schedule, a bunch of money to beef up certain spots, and another draft? Absolutely.


There are only 2 things that should prevent the Falcons from making the playoffs. QB play and injuries. This roster will be better. From solely a talent perspective, this team has no excuse for not being a playoff team.


I say yes we’ll make the playoffs but that’s based solely on my desperately wanting us to make the playoffs. The reality of it is that we really have no idea yet, we will be fielding a much different group of players next season, how much better those players will be is something we will all have opinions on up until next season starts but I’d like to think we will be much improved. Having said that the same thing goes for the other teams in our division although some do not have nearly as much money to spend on upgrades. Let’s hope we spend wisely, draft wisely and see some improvement in coaching especially play calling going into next season.

Let us know your thoughts on the results in the comments, and let us know if you have ideas on questions for next week’s survey!

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