the football game made the Falcons know how to irritate you

offense it was not a surprise a head coach trying to be the OC and a head coach. we didn't look good he happens I mean we do in two jobs at the age of 38 and you and this is your first time being a head coach that stuff happens.

the offensive line they played silently I can't really get that mad at them. I have a sneaking feeling that we don't have the best center out there but I don't think they will be much different with that other guy.

QB what can I say here she we start Desmond Riddle I guess it's time to I would like to see him out there but it just this one is not really on the coaching staff or anything else Thank you Author blank for this one.

the wide receivers slash tide ends all doing pretty good honestly if we actually had an OC not somebody trying to do two jobs when might of be least one in one right now.

defense everybody knows I prefer a least a 4-3 man front and a nickel package there uses 5-2 front that just potentially me. i'm starting to believe that the 3 to 4 it is not a good NFL defense anymore.

hopefully we stop winning football games because if we don't it's not going to be fun in 2023.

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