This Coaching Staff is Something Else Man...

"This one's on me. The decision will probably be different next time". How hard would it have been for either AS or Dean Pees, if not both, to just simply go to the presser and say that? These two have preached all offseason long about accountability, toughness, and changing the culture around this team. Particularly on the defensive side of the ball. So when these two knuckleheads throw the very first game, at home, against an arch rival, take a wild guess on what they guessed it. They yelled at the press who were just simply trying to do their jobs, threw their players under the bus, and took little to no responsibility for what happened. For these two to go up there and act their own crap doesn't stink is....mind numbing. What kind of message is that sending to the players? The press? The fans? That you just don't give a damn? Does Arthur Smith not have the awareness that right after blowing the first game, at home, to your arch rival, maybe saying "I don't care" is NOT the best look?

And look, the fact that this coaching staff was able to squeeze seven wins out of this team last year with a 3 win roster is worth noting and credit to them for that. But their overall attitude, behavior, and game management has greatly reduced the faith I had originally in this staff. Is there time for them to learn from it and not repeat the same mistakes again? Yes. Absolutely. Do I think they will? Based off how poorly they've handled themselves this week, it doesn't look like they are open to adjustments. Hope they learn what AS likes to call a "hard lesson," because Blank isn't going to be as patient as he was with Quinn.

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