A Struggling Falcons Fan Mock Draft

I know what you're thinking; It's only one week into the season. Or you may just be thinking the same thing I am because we watch the same football team every week. It is never too early for an Atlanta Falcons mock draft. Mock draft season has been the only thing I've had to look forward to since 2016 and after a week of real football, there's actual tape to look through now.

For my mock draft I'm using the PFF mock draft simulator, which has the Falcons picking 1st overall. I'm not expecting this to hold true but I am still expecting a top 3 pick. The top three teams picking in this draft are going to dictate most of the top 10 picks, it all just depends on the order.

Scenario 1:

The Falcons actual end up as the worst team in football and have the 1st pick in the draft. Obviously this scenario is an easy choice. Will Anderson. Although a little jumpy in Alabama's game against Texas, Anderson came up with a big time sack at the end of the game to all but seal the win for them. He's clear cut the best player in this draft and with the drafting of Desmond Ridder, I don't see the Falcons taking a top 3 guy at that position with this pick.

Scenario 2:

The Falcons are the second worst team in football or just a little bit better. I think that the Falcon's draft pick anywhere from 2nd to about 5th or 6th is going to be the same. Jalen Carter. Although the defensive front looked to have taken steps to improve in what was a 4-5 sack and double digit pressure game against the Saints, Jalen Carter is the best interior defensive lineman in college football. At 6-3, 310lbs he would make a perfect addition if the Falcons miss out on the Will Anderson lottery. With Grady wanting to prove his worth as more of an all around and outside rusher, an addition of Carter would make that all the easier.

Now I know these are the safe picks to make, but drafting in the trenches has been lacking, in my opinion, in the Fontenot era. With the offensive line looking to be playing much better and clearing holes against the Saints, I think lineman will be able to wait until later into the draft. The same goes for a possible QB if Ridder sees play time and doesn't appear to be the steal we all think he is. Do I expect a QB pick at all? No. But I won't rule it out either.

Overall I think the Falcons are trending in the right direction, but this rebuild may take a little longer than most fans are hoping. I will play into looking at potential free agents the Falcons could target to also address some of the teams needs (WR, LB, DL, S) but I will do this later on. I would also appreciate and encourage any feedback or two cents on my rational

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