The gamble that will either sink the Falcons or lead to surprising success

Let's be clear that the Falcons are not a Super Bowl team...hardly, but the team has the makings of being decent. Everything hinges on what I have harped on for years: the line of scrimmage. The Falcons have at least attempted to improve at the point of attack on the defensive line, whereas they are taking a huge risk by trotting out practically the same offensive line that was abysmal in 2021 and gambling that it will be better. But is that throwing bad money after bad?

My contention, particularly as it related to Kaleb McGary, was that the Falcons offensive linemen in general lacked functional strength. Matt Hennessy, and Kaleb McGary struggled to attain 21 bench reps at the NFL combine while Jalen Mayfied declined combine reps altogether. What we saw as a result was these linemen thrown around like ragdolls every game and they never dominated anyone.

Now McGary looks bigger and hopefully stronger and Mayfield, who again is being thrown around and hasn't gained any strength that is visible in drills and practices, has apparently been relegated to second-tier status. Drew Dalman, with 33 bench reps, is the strongest of the linemen and although his play was uneven, I never saw him pushed into the backfield as was Hennessy...frequently.

Maybe they have learned the lesson that quickness, as it relates to interior line play, does not trump brute strength.

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