Trying to love the Falcons is comically difficult……. But the proof is in the puddin baby!

As a Falcons fan it's not easy figuring out how to cheer and be happy for this team sometimes. We tried to argue to people we were an offensive juggernaut, But couldn't back it up most of the time. From scoring 2 points in a playoff game, to a 17 point lead in an NFC championship game just to not score again lmao. We thought we finally were getting our pass rush in order, drafted a guy top 10 who was the league leader in sacks (Vic Beasly). Just for him to literally fall off the face of the earth 2 years later. We had a top 5 Offense of all time that featured a MVP and OPOY QB. Just to lose a Superbowl in the most disturbing fashion in NFL history. We go through things like "Noise Pumping" Scandals, WRs mentally checking out before trying to get their checks up by gambling and being suspended longer then a habitual sex offender(Which we tried to trade for and pissed off our most respected player". Even in the past we were just part of some of the weirdest moments. Our pro bowl safety got in trouble the night before the superbowl. Our star QB fighting dogs and going to jail (Love Michael VIck still to this day and appreciate what he did for us!). Head coach who quit on us mid season….shit, even the "Gritz Blitz" was arguably the greatest defense statistically and we barely won 8 games smh. I say all of this to say, even with all that has happened. Being a Falcons fan is amazing and an honor. Understandably it would be easy to question our Owner and FO but when you look at our history we are a great organization and while we haven't been able to become the Juggernaut we wanna be, We have continuously fielded a respectable team. From Chandler to Vick to Matt Ryan. Now if Desmond Ridder happens to become the guy that is all the more proof of how lucky we are to have this franchise. I'm from Upstate NY where I watched the Buffalo Bills literally live in the depths of a bag of shit that's been placed in a garbage can. No QB and No Playoff trips for 20 whole years!. I'm 30 and have been a Falcons fan since 2001, and while this road has come with many disappointments, I've grown to realize most of our complaints and disappointment come from higher expectations from our franchise who consistently set the bar to at bare minimum respectable all of these years. Bills fans are voted the greatest fans cause they got so used to being mediocre that they stopped caring about results and were just happy all the time haha Falcons fans are different, We complain about HOF QBs and WRs and How we should replace MVPS and should of won super bowls we were leading in haha. All I'm saying is appreciate your Franchise cause you could be a CLevland or Buffalo fan…….I jus wanted to give some extra content to the culture and I appreciate you guys taking the time to read this. RISE UP and Never Bathe the Bird….Keep Him Dirty haha

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