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Weekend Falcons trivia: Which coach brought a stick of dynamite into the locker room?

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Denver Broncos v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Martin Mills/Getty Images

The Falcons have had some colorful characters coach the team over the years, from the combative Norm Van Brocklin to the Lord of Leaving Teams in the Lurch. Only one has brought a stick of dynamite into the locker room, at least to my knowledge.

The coach in question intended the prop to be used as a motivational tactic and also once brought a disarmed bomb into the locker room, something that one senses would not really fly today and probably barely flew back then. Unfortunately, given his lack of success with the Falcons, it doesn’t appear that explosives were the greatest motivating factor.

If you’ve read Matt Winkeljohn’s Tales from the Falcons Sideline, or you’re familiar with the great Len Pasquarelli’s work, you probably know the answer to this one. If not, give us a guess, and bonus points if you can tell us what other ordinance