Philly, Washington, Carolina

Three inexplicably bad losses at home last year that ended up being a turning point, as it pertains to the direction of this franchise.

1. What if Smith had played the starters in the preseason? What if Josh Andrews doesn't get injured? What if the Falcons score touchdowns on their first two drives instead of settling for FGs?

2. What if Heinicke doesn't get lucky and find a way to throw a late TD pass off his back foot, underthrown with pressure, right in the middle of the field?

3. What if Ridley doesn't bail at the last minute right before we play Carolina?

Well, there's a good chance the Falcons win all three of these games, finish 10-7 last year, and end up in the Playoffs in year one of this regime. As a result, Blank and Fontenot keep their nose out of the Watson sweepstakes, there's a 99 percent chance Ryan is still here, and maybe we decide to build this team from the inside through he trenches and draft an edge rusher or a DT in the first round.

For the record, what happened in the past can't be changed and I will sat that this year's offseason and draft was by fat the most satisfying we've had since 2016. But it does make you a little curious on what would have happened if those three games turn out differently.

What are your thoughts in the comments?

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