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Majority of Falcons fans excited for the return of the red helmets

We surveyed Falcons fans about the red helmets, and they’re pretty excited.

In 2021, the NFL announced that teams would be allowed to add a second helmet shell and design to their uniform lineups starting in 2022. With that bit of news, there was rampant speculation that the Atlanta Falcons might be bringing back the red helmets they wore throughout the 1960, 1970s, and 1980s. To my excitement, and to others’ as well, the team announced on June 1 that the team would be bringing back the classic red helmets for an Oct. 16 matchup with the San Francisco 49ers.

This bit of news was exciting for many, including myself, as the look is very unique. The colors of red, black, white and gold mesh so well together. Instead of assuming everyone’s excitement, we wanted to find out for sure and surveyed Falcons’ fans for their opinions, and they did not disappoint.

That’s right, 82% of surveyed fans are thrilled to see the red helmets return in 2022. Which means that 18% of those surveyed are fun at parties, I’m sure. One of the early criticisms was that the team was only wearing the lids for one game. Well, we broke some news here at The Falcoholic as it was unofficially revealed that the team will wear red helmets more than once this upcoming season.

“I think a lot of people interpreted the debut as the total,” Brett Jewkes, the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of AMB Group, said on The Falcoholic Live. “Just remember this: Red helmets are like potato chips.” To finish what Jewkes was hinting at, the old saying is “______ is like potato chips, you can’t have just one.”

So there you have it. Most of you are probably thrilled about the news, and some of you likely don’t care. But for many fans, the team’s appearance is what made them become a fan. I can’t wait to see the red helmets in person.

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