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Falcons weekend trivia: Who has the longest return in team history?

The man in question

Atlanta Falcons v Washington Redskins Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Falcons have had some great returners over the years. Deion Sanders, Allen Rossum, Billy “White Shoes” Johnson, and the short-lived brilliance of Darrick Vaughan all spring readily to mind when you think of returns. Only one man, of course, has the longest return in team history.

The return in question came on a kickoff and went for a preposterous 102 yards, one of four returns in team history that went for at least 100. It was achieved by a player who has a lot of special teams success in Atlanta, and is a highlight I have particularly fond memories of. That does not narrow things down that much, because as I am frequently reminded by my colleagues at The Falcoholic, I am old.

Incredibly, it’s tied for the 66th-longest kick return in league history, even though it’s only seven yards off of (who else?) Cordarrelle Patterson’s 109 yard kickoff return in 2013 for the Vikings. Now that you know all this, who has the longest return?