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What’s the one move you’d like to see the Falcons make before training camp?

Go nuts.

Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Organized team activities are over, and mandatory minicamp kicks off on June 14 and lasts three days. After that, it’s a long wait until training camp, with only the possibility of roster moves punctuating perhaps the quietest stretch of the year for Falcons fans.

So let’s talk about those possible moves, and because it’s a Saturday, let’s make it pretty easy. What’s the one move you think the Falcons should make between now and training camp?

Me? I’m convinced that the Falcons need to add more competition at left guard. I’ve argued that Jalen Mayfield likely will be the starter and fully expect that to be the case based on everything we’ve seen at this point in the year, but right now it feels like the team doesn’t have a solid Plan B if he falters in the summer heat. I fully recognize they could go out and sign a veteran in August if that’s the case, but ideally they’d keep their promise to add to the trenches and sign a player who can really push Mayfield for the job. If he still wins it, you and I will both feel better about the fact that he did so against tough competition, and if not, Atlanta’s fallback plan will be a stronger one.

Share your thoughts in the comments, if you would.