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UDFA Q&A: Get to know Falcons DB Tre Webb

An exclusive Q&A with the Falcons’ minicamp prospect.

We’re moving right along in the 2022 edition of The Falcoholic’s UDFA Q&A series. This series provides a way for fans to get to know the often overlooked rookies who are looking to make the roster with the Atlanta Falcons. Two players from last seasons’ series are still on the team’s roster: offensive lineman Ryan Neuzil and running back Caleb Huntley. So far this offseason, we’ve spoken with offensive lineman Tyler Witt and wide receiver Tyshaun James.

Today, we will be speaking with another player who went undrafted, but is continuing to strive to make it in the NFL, defensive back Tre Webb out of Montana State. Webb played at San Jose State from 2016-2020, before transferring to Montana State to finish out his collegiate career. Webb has very good size, measuring in at 6’2, 202 pounds, and he ran a 4.56. Per the Montana State website, Webb recorded 70 total tackles, 2.5 tackles for loss and one interception for the Bobcats in 2021.

Let’s get to know him better, shall we?

How would you describe your time at San Jose State and Montana State?

A roller coaster, honestly. I came in as a corner, and then they switched me to safety at San Jose State. I had to earn my starting spot, definitely. I had to battle through a lot of adversity, on and off the field. But it made me who I am today, honestly. I’m happy for the trials and tribulations that I went through. I don’t think I’d be where I am today if I didn’t go through the struggles that I went through.

At Montana State, I loved that experience honestly. Going to a FCS school, I didn’t know what to expect but they opened their arms to me. They showed me a lot of love. The fans were great, the atmosphere was great. Overall, it was a great experience at both schools. I ended my time at San Jose State being a Mountain West champion, and I couldn’t have left there on a better note, honestly.

Did you have a favorite player growing up? Who do you model your game after?

I love Sean Taylor, Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu and Antonio Cromartie. I like the heavy hitters and the ball hawks, field generals. I love being a field general, I love to call out plays before they happen and then watch my guys make a play on it. I did that a lot at San Jose State. Just reading the quarterback and disguising my coverage — I really get my disguises from Ed Reed, that’s who I most try to model my game after.

What made you decide to join the Falcons for rookie minicamp?

The Falcons were showing me a lot of love. The scout, Rich Sanders, was in contact with me the week of the draft, and on that Saturday and was just showing me a lot of love. It felt great to receive that kind of appreciation from him and the staff.

How do you feel about joining your college teammate Troy Andersen in Atlanta?

We haven’t talked about it yet, but me and Troy have this bond on the field where we don’t really have to say much, but we play so great off of each other. I know what he’s going to do before he does it, and I know how to adjust my attack based on the play and what he’s about to do. Playing with Troy was unbelievable, he’s one of the most talented guys I’ve ever played with, honestly. He really can do everything, he’s like Superman. It’s going to be great having somebody I know out there, that I’ve played with. He’ll make us both feel comfortable.

How excited are you for rookie mini camp? Have you been to Atlanta before?

I have never been to Atlanta, but I am super excited to get out there and show off my talents and earn my spot. I’ve actually known Darren Hall since freshman year of high school, we trained with the same 7-on-7 coach and we played 7-on-7 together. We also played against each other when he was at San Diego State. We’ve been talking this whole time and have developed a great bond off of the field. So, it’s going to be great getting back in touch with him and playing with him again.

I also played against Jaylinn Hawkins, and I know Keith Smith the Falcons’ fullback. So, it’s going to be fun being out there with some guys that I know.

What has motivated you to make it to the NFL?

I think this dream started before I could even walk. My dad played at the University of Iowa and it was his dream to play in the NFL, and he wasn’t able to accomplish that goal. But now I get to live out both of our dreams. He used to coach at Long Beach Poly, and he used to take me to the practices and he said that I used to throw the ball with DeSean Jackson. He just knew, he always told me that I was built for this. He always told me that since flag football and told me that this was my calling.

What are the Falcons getting with Tre Webb?

They’re getting the most hard-working, down-to-earth guy. Someone who is willing to play any position and help the team win. Any special teams position, a guy that’s extremely versatile. I can play strong safety, free safety, big nickel—cover the slot. I can cover tight ends, I love covering tight ends. I feel like, the Falcons’ fans and dirty bird nation is getting a guys who can do everything. I’m like a Swiss army knife.

My biggest takeaway from my conversation with Tre Webb, is that he loves the game of football. I know it’s cliche to say, because who doesn’t love football? But he really loves the aspects of what makes a great defensive back. He wants to cover tight ends, wants to lineup in the slot, play safety and read the opposing quarterback, etc. It doesn’t matter to him if he’s a starting corner or if he’s out on special teams, Webb just wants to be out on the field. It’s also fun to know that Webb might get the chance to play with his college teammate in Troy Andersen.

One of the Falcons’ few positions of decent depth is in the secondary, which seems like an obstacle for Webb. This coaching staff has stressed competition, though, and Webb has an opportunity showcase his skills and display that he’s deserving of a roster spot. We wish Webb the best of luck as he competes in Falcons’ mini camp.