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Falcons will be doing a lot less traveling in 2022

The schedule isn’t out until Thursday, but the team won’t be spending quite so much time on planes, trains, and automobiles.

NFL: London Games-Miami Dolphins at Jacksonville Jaguars Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

A year ago, Atlanta essentially had 10 road games. One of Atlanta’s “home” games was in London—one they won and one Falcons fans abroad thankfully got to enjoy—and in the new 17 game schedule they wound up having nine true away games. As you might imagine, this team traveled a lot.

Per one analyst at ESPN Analytics, they traveled the 9th-most miles in the NFL a year ago. While they were 5-3 on the road, leading one to frown and shake your head slowly in the direction of Mercedes-Benz Stadium, it’s probably safe to say they’ll enjoy being on the road a bit less this year.

And travel less they will, as analyst Bill Speros notes. Atlanta goes from the 9th-most miles traveled in 2021 to the 20th-most in 2022, largely on the back of not flying across the ocean. Even considering that homefield advantage hasn’t been kind to the Falcons of late, having nine home games and no trans-Atlantic trips is problem something the team will readily welcome.

The full schedule unveil for the Falcons comes on Thursday, so we’ll know soon enough when their games will be played. In the meantime, here’s the full list of opponents for the upcoming season.