Would You Rather? 2022 QB Edition

2022 QB situation... now that we have seen all the scenarios that could have played out this offseason, what situation would you rather be in?

A) Still have Matt Ryan as our QB, likely still have drafted Ridder to learn behind him (as I think the plan was likely to still draft a rookie and possibly move on after 2023). Draft picks would mostly stay the same, but it could very well have effected our edge selections, as in this scenario we may not move up for Ebiketie knowing we didn't have the 2nd 3rd rounder, and we don't get Malone because we don't have the pick from the Colts. We are also looking at nearly $20M in dead cap in 2023 to move on from Ryan if we choose to do so. All future draft picks in place.

B) Traded for Deshaun Watson. Using the Browns draft comparison, we would not have Drake London, or 1st and 3rd rounders in 2023 (which if he's suspended for a large chunk of the year would have very possibly been a top 5/10 pick) and no 1st and 4th rounders in 2024. Plus we would have $40M in dead cap for Ryan this year and just because we have no other point of reference other than his current contract, Watson's cap hits for 2023-26 would be just shy of $55M/yr (fully guaranteed).

C) Be in our current situation with Mariota/Ridder and all our draft picks for the next 2 seasons plus money to spend once Ryan's dead cap is off the books. All future draft picks in place.

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