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Falcons 2022 draft class selects their jersey numbers

New players, new numbers.

Jeff Speer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The 2022 NFL Draft is now in the books. The Atlanta Falcons selected several talented players, some of whom will compete for starting roles, while others will likely provide much needed depth to their respective positions. One of the most exciting parts of seeing new players added to the roster is seeing what jersey numbers they will wear when they take the field this fall.

Fortunately, we now know what those numbers are.

We already knew about first-round selection Drake London, who will wear No. 5 for the Falcons, but the rest were unknown until now. This will be the second season in which the NFL has allowed players at non-quarterback and non-kicker/punter positions to wear single digit numbers, such as Kyle Pitts wearing No. 8.

You’ll also notice that running back Tyler Allgeier is wearing No. 25, even though corner Cornell Armstrong is listed as wearing the same number. This is currently allowed because one is on offense and the other is on defense. If both Allgeier and Armstrong are on the Week 1 roster, one will have to change their number.