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Falcons weekend trivia: Who has Atlanta faced in the playoffs more than any other team?

Two teams, it turns out.

Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas Cowboys, 1981 NFC Divisional Playoffs Set Number: X25201 TK1 R7 F8

The Atlanta Falcons have not exactly been fixtures in the postseason, but they have managed to participate in 24 playoff games in their history. They’re 10-14 in those games, which is perhaps better than you’d initially expect, and will hopefully be improving that mark within the next couple of seasons.

Today’s trivia question concerns the playoffs, and specifically the teams the Falcons have met in the postseason more than any other. That’s plural, because the Falcons have six opponents more than once in the postseason, and have met two teams in particular pretty frequently in their history.

The Falcons have played the team in question in a full 1/3rd of their playoff games, and one was also the first playoff opponent the team ever faced. Sadly, Atlanta’s just 1-3 against that particular opponent, and the name may stir up some bad memories when you get it. I suggest pushing those down deep where they can’t hurt you, like we do with so many of our memories about this team. The other team is one they’ve met four times since the 1990s and have an even split against, including two of my all-time favorite playoff games.

Who are the teams? Give me your best guesses and we’ll share the answer tomorrow, though I don’t think this one will be overly difficult to figure out.