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What 2021 Falcons rookie will make the biggest leap in 2022?

We’re talking about last year’s picks on this fine Saturday.

Atlanta Falcons v Buffalo Bills Photo by Timothy T Ludwig/Getty Images

Arthur Smith was clear recently that he expects more or less across the board improvement for the 2021 Falcons draft class, from Kyle Pitts to Frank Darby and everyone in between. That got me thinking, though: Who is the most likely to make the leap, becoming a player this team relies on?

The man Smith called out would be my pick. Richie Grant played sparingly on defense in his rookie season, though he was a major special teams cog, and figures to have a straightforward path to a starting job at safety in 2022 if he’s made significant strides. I was a big believer in Grant’s talent when the Falcons added him and I’m still a believer now, and I think with greater opportunity and a year to learn, he’ll be the player who turns heads the most in 2022 from this draft class. Well, aside from Kyle Pitts, but him going from “terrific” to “legendary” isn’t that much of a leap, honestly.

So now we turn the discussion over to you: Who is going to make a big leap from this 2021 draft class, if anyone?