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Thank you, Matt Ryan: His hilarious scrambles, comeback wins, and game-winning drives

“Matt Ryan scrambles like” became a whole unique genre of Falcons fans’ and The Falcoholic tweets.

Atlanta Falcons v New Orleans Saints Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Matt Ryan is 6’4 with long, gangly legs and arms, and there is a reason that Matt Ryan scrambling attempts launched an entire genre of tweets from The Falcoholic and Falcons fans alike.

Fans have fond memories of Ryan’s scrambling, too.

The best scrambles were ones that ended in touchdowns, even if my heart felt like it stopped until he safely got into the end zone. Honestly, it’s amazing he never got seriously injured on those scrambles or on the hundreds of sacks and hits he took over his time in Atlanta.

I’m going to miss the hell out of Matt, but I’m also going to miss the “Matt Ryan scrambles like” tweets.

The comeback wins and game-winning drives

Matt Ryan was put in a position to save games far too often during his Falcons tenure, and he lived up to the challenge.

I shudder to think what the Falcons’ record over the past 14 years might have looked like without Matt Ryan at the helm.