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Thank you, Matt Ryan: Fans, friends, and Falcoholics share their favorite memories

Matt Ryan gave this organization 14 good years, and we wish him the best going forward.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Ryan is the only quarterback I’ve covered since I began covering the Falcons 12 years ago. Having had the opportunity to interact with him on a regular basis for years, I can confirm that the easygoing, friendly guy you see on TV actually behaves that way in real life, too.

In my experience, he was universally respectful to his teammates, coaches, the Falcons’ staff, media — everyone he interacted with on a day to day basis with the Falcons. He has a quick wit and a good sense of humor. He’s always been a good ambassador for the team when interacting with the media, and has been quick to take responsibility and doesn’t deflect blame.

Ryan’s impact in Atlanta extended far beyond the gridiron.

From Jarvis Davis, formerly of 92.9 The Game here in Atlanta.

I got a Matt Ryan moment for you. I was dating this young lady, and she invited me to see her nephew play at Georgia Tech. Well, her nephew had a very long day that day at cornerback. Matt lit his ass up ALL day, I’m talking about Bombs over Baghdad! I had a nice intro to Matt Ryan that day. My favorite MR moment lol.

The comeback wins and game-winning drives

Matt Ryan was put in a position to save games far too often during his Falcons tenure, and he lived up to the challenge.

Appreciation for Matt Ryan as a player, a leader, and a person

The Falcons were lucky to have him, and so were the fans.

From Vinny Carvalho via email:

I became a fan in 2008. Matt was the first jersey I ever bought. He is the only QB I ever known for the Falcons. My favorite moments were him and Julio/Roddy connections. I was tough on him, but I love everything he has done for me, Falcons, and the city of Atlanta. He is a legend! We are going miss you Ice!

Thank you, Matt Ryan. We’re wishing you and your family the very best in your new journey with the Colts.