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Falcons gain 6th-round compensatory pick in 2022 NFL Draft

Las Vegas Raiders v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In February, I wrote that the Falcons were likely getting a sixth round compensatory pick for losing Alex Mack in the 2021 offseason. A month later, that has proven to be the case.

The NFL released its official list of compensatory picks this evening, and the Falcons picked up selection #213. That’s one pick off the projection we were working with, and it gives Atlanta a little bit more draft ammo for April.

Here’s the full list of Falcons picks as it stands today.

  • Round 1, Pick 8
  • Round 2, Pick 43
  • Round 2, Pick 58
  • Round 3, Pick 74
  • Round 4, Pick 113
  • Round 5, Pick 151
  • Round 6, Pick 189
  • Round 6, Pick 213

Obviously the Falcons executing a trade for Deshaun Watson would blow this list up, but otherwise I think it’s fair to expect Atlanta to make most of these selections. This is a team with deep and numerous holes, ranging from wide receiver to safety, and the draft remains the best place to get super affordable young players who are under contract for multiple seasons. Let’s hope the team takes full advantage of their windfall here.