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What would be your first Falcons free agent signing of 2022?

Put yourself in the GM’s shoes for this discussion.

NFL Combine Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

Happy Saturday, everyone! By this time next week we’ll be somewhere between ankle deep and underwater in Falcons free agency news, which is exciting. At the moment, though, all we can do is daydream about or dread what’s coming next.

Let me hit you with a discussion topic for your afternoon: What would be the first signing you would make if you were Terry Fontenot once free agency kicks off on Wednesday afternoon?

My answer is two-fold. If money winds up being no object because the Falcons clear a ton of space, I would genuinely love to see them add James Daniels to the interior of their offensive line. As a versatile, gifted young player who can play center or left guard and provide a huge upgrade at either spot, Daniels seems tailor-made for the team’s needs both now and over the long haul.

If money is an object, I’d like to see the Falcons spend a little less and land D.J. Chark. I don’t have a great feel for what his market’s going to be—he’s coming off an injury-marred season where he only played four games, but is talented and young—but if the dollars make sense he has the size, speed and upside to be a tremendous addition to a depleted Falcons receiving corps.

Who would you prioritize signing first?