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Scouting Report: EDGE Kingsley Enagbare, South Carolina

In our next 2022 scouting report, we take a closer look at South Carolina EDGE Kingsley Enagbare. A big winner from the Senior Bowl in a deep class of edge rushers, could the Atlanta native find his way on to the Falcons on Day 2?

Vanderbilt v South Carolina Photo by Jacob Kupferman/Getty Images

The 2022 NFL Combine has officially wrapped. At last, I have the data to finalize my official scouting reports. I’ve been hard at work grinding the tape to bring you detailed breakdowns of some of the top prospects available to the Atlanta Falcons throughout the draft, and I’m excited to finally share them with you now.

First, if you’re unfamiliar with my scouting reports from previous years, you can read about my grading system here. Please keep in mind this system is still in development, and may be adjusted as more data points come in.

Next up is another pass rusher, this time one of my top Day 2 targets for the Falcons and an Atlanta native: South Carolina EDGE Kingsley Enagbare.

EDGE | Kingsley Enagbare | South Carolina

RAS: 6.48u

Games watched: Georgia, Texas A&M, Tennessee, Senior Bowl


South Carolina edge rusher Kinglsey Enagbare is a long, explosive, and nasty player. His game is very well-rounded, with enough speed and bend to threaten the outside and enough power to push back offensive linemen with his bull rush. He’s got a thick build at 6’4, 265, and his long arms give him a good frame for attacking opponents. Enagbare pairs his athletic traits with a nasty, tenacious on-field demeanor that is sure to excite NFL teams. He also had a standout performance at the Senior Bowl as one of the most consistently disruptive edge rushers in a very talented group.

There aren’t any big problem areas with Enagbare’s game. He’s an NFL-ready player who can come in and provide immediate production as a starting edge rusher, particularly as a pass rusher. His size, athleticism, and competitiveness give him a high floor–and he’s still got a lot of room to grow. Enagbare is starting to develop a repertoire of pass rush counters which should enhance his abilities at the next level. As a run defender, he’s got all the tools to become a quality contributor on early downs: he just needs to be more aggressive and trust his instincts more.

Enagbare is a versatile edge rusher who can play in both a 3-4 or 4-3, though he is most comfortable rushing from a stand-up position. While there are no glaring issues with Enagbare’s game, he does lack the ceiling of the top prospects. He’s above-average or better in most areas and has room to grow, but I think he’ll be best served as a complementary piece across from a true EDGE1. This is the type of player who has a long, productive NFL career but might not ever make a Pro Bowl. Still, Enagbare offers a valuable skillset and could likely be had later on Day 2 in this stacked EDGE class.


Explosiveness: 5

Above-average explosiveness and first-step quickness. Quick off the snap and able to cover a lot of ground in a hurry.

Flexibility/Lateral Mobility: 5

Above-average flexibility. Ability to bend and turn the corner as an edge rusher. Capable of changing direction quickly to make plays in space against the run.

Hand Technique: 6

Powerful hands with some early pass rush moves developing. Always fighting to break free. Much better at getting loose as a pass rusher, some struggles to disengage as a run defender. Unleashed a nasty spin move at times.

Length: 8

Very good length. Prototypical NFL build at 6’4, 265. Long arms give him a wide tackle radius and he’s an excellent finisher. Very good at keeping himself clean as an outside rusher.

Strength/Power: 6

Good strength at the point of attack. Can unleash a powerful bull rush at times and catch opponents off guard. Good, strong tackler–when he gets his hands on an opponent, they rarely escape. Can be even better in this area if he learns to play with better leverage–often comes off the ball a little high.

Competitive Toughness: 8

Tenacious competitor. Nasty and looks to finish his opponent on the ground. Doesn’t give up on plays and will chase from the back side of plays. Never abandons his rush and looks for work.

Football IQ: 6

Good football IQ. Reliable and rarely out of position. Could be quicker to trigger and trust his eyes, particularly as a run defender. Can sometimes bite on eye candy and misdirection.

Production: 5

Above-average production, although it was lower than the previous year. Just 4.5 sacks and 7.0 TFL to go along with 28 solo tackles (43 total), 2 PD, and 1 FF. Generated a lot more pressure than the stat sheet shows–at least half a dozen near-miss sacks in the three games watched.

Run Defense: 5

Above-average run defender, with a lot of room to improve. Reliable in terms of gap discipline and playing contain, but a little slow to trigger on plays in front of him. Could be more aggressive shedding blocks and attacking ballcarriers in the backfield. Not a physical limitation–plenty of size and length to be an asset on early downs.

Versatility: 5

Played almost entirely at EDGE. Deployed most frequently from 7T, 9T, and 5T alignments. Most comfortable as a stand-up rusher, but also rushed from a 3-PT stance. Comfortable executing stunts and twists, and effective as an interior blitzer. Limited experience dropping in zone coverage, but it’s not an ideal role for him.

Athleticism: 6.48u RAS, 13/20

Above-average athlete. Tremendous frame at 6’4, 258 with nearly 35 inch arms. Excellent jumps, including elite vertical. Average speed and splits. No agility testing at the Combine, will update with numbers from Enagbare’s Pro Day.

SCORE: 72 | GRADE: 3 (Third round)