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Your weekly NFL news roundup for March 10, 2022

Getting you caught up on NFL news from the past week.

Rafael Henrique/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

A lot is happening around the world, and it’s possible that you missed NFL news from the past week. That’s where this article comes in, as we recap what occurred recently at the league-wide level.

This segment will be a weekly occurrence during the offseason, so if you fear that you may have missed something, now you have somewhere to look. With that being said, let’s get started.

Calvin Ridley suspended a year for betting on NFL games

We won’t spend too much time on this bit of news, as you’re already likely aware of it due to the likelihood of you being here for being an Atlanta Falcons fan. In case you missed the news, Calvin Ridley has officially been suspended for at least the 2022 season due to gambling on NFL games while he was away from the team last season.

You can read the full write up we did by clicking here.

Aaron Rodgers returning to the Packers

It has been much of a mystery over the last few months on whether Aaron Rodgers would return to the Packers in 2022, or move on to another franchise. On Tuesday we finally got an answer, as Rodgers announced on Twitter that he will indeed return to Green Bay next season. As of writing this, both sides are working on a new contract that would lower his salary-cap figure for the 2022 season and no official deal is in place.

TRADE! Russell Wilson heading to Denver

With the news of Rodgers returning to the Packers, dominoes started falling around the league as teams attempted to get their quarterback situation in order for next season. The most notable one is Russell Wilson being dealt to the Denver Broncos. Below is the official trade terms.

Seahawks Receive: 2022 1st Round Pick, 2023 1st Round Pick, 2022 2nd Round Pick, 2023 2nd Round Pick, 2022 5th Round Pick, QB Drew Lock, DE Shelby Harris, TE Noah Fant

Broncos Receive: QB Russell Wilson, 2022 4th Round Pick

Commanders trade for Carson Wentz

Another domino that fell following the Rodgers announcement was the Washington Commanders trading for Carson Wentz. Just one year after the Philadelphia Eagles moved on from Wentz, he’s on the move again. Below is the compensation for that trade.

Colts receive: 2022 2nd Round Pick, 2022 3rd Round Pick and a conditional 2023 3rd Round Pick (The conditional 2023 3rd Round Pick can become a 2nd Round Pick if Wentz plays 70% of the snaps this year for Washington.

Commanders receive: QB Carson Wentz and a 2022 2nd Round Pick

Franchise tags are handed out

With free agency coming up, it was time for teams to hand out their franchise tags in order to keep specific unrestricted free agents from leaving. The Falcons handed out no franchise tags this year, but you can view the full 2022 list below.

  • WR Davante Adams (Packers)
  • S Jessie Bates (Bengals)
  • OT Orlando Brown (Chiefs)
  • TE Mike Gesicki (Dolphins)
  • WR Chris Godwin (Buccaneers)
  • TE David Njoku (Browns)
  • OT Cam Robinson (Jaguars)
  • TE Dalton Schultz (Cowboys)