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Falcons could be back in London in 2022, this time against the Saints

The Saints are headed abroad and will play an NFC South team, meaning the Falcons are in play.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Edward M. Pio Roda/Getty Images

The Falcons won just two “home” games in 2021, and I put home in quotations because one of those games was actually in London. Atlanta beat the Jets in a fun, Kyle Pitts-heavy game abroad and squeaked by the Lions in Mercedes-Benz Stadium, so it would be safe to say they were more successful across the Atlantic than they were in the United States last year.

It appears there’s at least a chance the Falcons will wind up playing in London again. Per Jeff Duncan at, the Saints have been informed they’ll be the “home” team for a game in 2022, and that they’ll be facing off against a divisional rival.

The date and opponent have not been finalized yet, but the game is expected to be a home game against an NFC South divisional team, sources said.

It would seem unusual for the NFL to have the Falcons play abroad in back-to-back seasons, but there is a precedent for it, courtesy of U.K. Falcons fans Thomas Willoughby.

This is far from a sure thing, and it’ll be months before we know for certain who the Saints will be facing and whether the Falcons will be making the trip again. For those fans who live in the U.K. and/or made the trip to watch Atlanta beat the Jets, though, the thought of getting to see the Falcons potentially triumph over the Saints in person again has to be a tantalizing one.