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Offseason doldrums open thread: What hobbies are carrying you through the offseason?

It’s a sleepy Saturday, football-wise, so tell us what you’re into.

A man wearing a face mask as a precaution against the spread... Photo by Isaac Wong/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

It’s a Saturday afternoon in one of the quietest parts of the NFL offseason, with literally nothing going on at the moment. The Combine is coming up fast, free agency is just around the corner, and the draft will follow in April, making this one of the sleepiest weekends on the league calendar until...May? June?

So let’s not talk football this afternoon. Instead, tell us what hobbies, interests and the like are going to carry you through the early part of the offseason,

For me, it’s being outdoors more often, which has the added benefit of being far healthier than sitting in front of a screen waiting for the Falcons to do something interesting. I’ve also been playing through Metroid games of late, as I knocked off Metroid Dread in January and just wrapped up Metroid Fusion last week.

Enjoy the afternoon, everyone, and tell us what’s keeping you busy.