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NFL fans pick Rams as slight favorites in the Super Bowl, but favor Joe Burrow to win game MVP

This week’s NFL Reacts centered on the Super Bowl, where fans slightly favor the Rams to win the Super Bowl but also think Bengals QB Joe Burrow is most likely to win game MVP. We also touch on a very important question about the best gameday food.

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AFC Championship - Cincinnati Bengals v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by David Eulitt/Getty Images

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Super Bowl weekend is finally upon us, with the Los Angeles Rams and Cincinnati Bengals clashing in LA in what should be a pretty good game. I for one am excited to see a new contender enter the ring in the Bengals—who give me hope that a quick turnaround is in fact possible for the Falcons. It also helps that they’re a genuinely fun team to watch, and get to face another entertaining team in the Rams.

SB Nation Reacts focused the topics of this week’s questions on the Super Bowl, as you might expect. The first and biggest of which was: who do you have winning the big game?

It was close, but NFL fans slightly favor the Rams to win Super Bowl LVI. That’s not surprising, as the Rams have the veteran quarterback, more playoff experience, and a more star-studded roster—particularly on defense. But there’s just something about this Bengals team that you can’t count out, as they’ve been able to hang with (and defeat) the best of the best thus far.

Another big question was who fans thought had the best chance to win Super Bowl MVP. Based on the answer to the first question, the response might surprise you a little.

NFL fans give Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow the best chance of winning Super Bowl MVP, at 36%. Considering a majority of fans believe the Rams will win the game, it’s a little surprising to see Burrow ahead of the #2 choice: Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford. Though I actually do get Burrow being the favorite: if Cincinnati pulls off the upset, you’d expect Burrow to run away with the award. If the Rams win, it could be either a good day from Stafford or a stifling defensive performance.

There were a lot of other questions asked of fans, but one in particular stood out to me as the most important. That’s right: which food item is a must-have on your Super Bowl menu?

The correct answer was definitely wings, and I’m glad NFL fans as a whole recognized this. Wings easily won the plurality of votes with a commanding 40% share. Second was pizza, which is definitely a good gameday food choice—but not as required as wings. Nachos, buffalo dip, and potato skins also all had solid followings. Again, I’d be happy if you brought any of those things to the party, but somebody must bring wings. Preferably two or more people for a great flavor spread.

Happy Super Bowl weekend from all of us at The Falcoholic! We hope you enjoy the game (and the gameday feast).

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