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Allow me to introduce myself

“Time to get to work.”

Cleveland Browns v Atlanta Falcons Photo by George Gojkovich/Getty Images

As I write this article, I think back to my first memories in the Georgia Dome. The strangers who became family that we sat next to (shoutout to everyone who was in section 346 rows 2-4). The astroturf with the black endzones. The teal seats. That’s when my journey into Falcons fandom began.

Hey everyone! My name is Jordan Watkins, and I couldn’t be happier writing for The Falcoholic. Now that I’m living in the Bay Area, this site has been one of the ways I’ve been able to keep tabs on my favorite team. Now that I’m a part of the team, I wanted to use my first article with them to let you know a little bit about myself.

If you couldn’t tell from the first paragraph, I grew up going to Falcons games. There was nothing else more I looked forward to as a kid than getting the tickets in the mail (remember when physical tickets were a thing?!) and heading out on a Sunday for downtown Atlanta. So many memories were made in the Georgia Dome and on the road that I couldn’t imagine trying to count them.

Just to list a few:

  • The first Super Bowl season (we were there in Minnesota!)
  • The blowout win over the Rams in the playoffs
  • Matt Ryan’s first throw being a TD pass to Michael Jenkins
  • Matt Ryan’s throw on the sideline against Chicago to set up a field goal with 1 second left
  • Coming home for the holidays to see the final regular season home game in the Dome
  • I’m leaving the sad memories out on purpose
  • My time in the Falcons rookie minicamp

Yes, believe it or not, I was a part of the Falcons rookie minicamp back in 2017. That’s part of why I’m here writing now. I was a defensive lineman at Stanford and had a cup of tea in the NFL (a couple of camps here and there). Now, I primarily am a play-by-play broadcaster in college sports, but I always have my eyes and ears on the Falcons. One thing I still have a huge passion for is what happens at the line of scrimmage. I’ve realized that there is so much more that goes on in “the trenches” that fans still do not understand nor have the access to learn more about it.

Insert me.

My goal for the rest of the season and afterward is to help y’all learn more about the fundamentals and techniques that go into play at the line of scrimmage. For example, I’ll probably be making an article after this matchup with the Steelers about the Falcons’ pass rush discipline and how they keep Kenny Pickett in the pocket. I’ll also compare that with some examples of how they did a good job—and other moments where they didn’t do such a good job—containing Justin Fields a few weeks ago in the win over Chicago.

It’s fun for me to help people understand the game on a different level, and I hope I can provide that opportunity for y’all through these articles. I’m looking forward to that first breakdown article, and I can’t wait until 10am (Pacific, of course) on Sunday.

I’ll talk to you soon!