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Practice squad WR Cameron Batson arrested after police chase

Batson has played 0 snaps for the Falcons, a statistic unlikely to change after this alarming arrest.

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The Atlanta Falcons are dealing with a player arrest for the first time after an extended quiet stretch. The alleged culprit is a practice squad pass catcher who followed Arthur Smith from Tennessee to Atlanta. Cameron Batson was undrafted in 2018 and totaled under 200 receiving yards with the Titans. He landed with Atlanta in 2022 but couldn’t crack the official roster.

Now he is making noise for all the wrong reasons: Batson was arrested, per the Atlanta Police Department. Per the Atlanta Police Department, Batson was pulled over at 2am and was suspected of driving under the influence. According to the police statement, Batson allegedly resisted arrest and “violently fought” the police officer. The statement vaguely indicates “the officer discharged his firearm,” and also vaguely indicates Batson was able to get back to his vehicle and drive off.

Per WSBTV, citing the police, the officer suffered an unspecified shoulder injury and cuts and bruises. Batson apparently also suffered unspecified injuries.

Per the police statement, Batson crashed quickly thereafter and ran from the vehicle. The police later located and arrested Batson. Charges have yet to be filed.

While we don’t have much information, the Falcons have a history of washing their hands with players in these situations, especially those on the fringe of the roster. Batson fits that mold — he’s a replacement-level talent facing serious allegations.

Here’s what we thought about Batson at signing. He, of course, didn’t beat out anyone for a roster spot.

The former undrafted free agent is not over 6’3”, so we can get that out of the way immediately. Listed at 5’8” and 175 pounds, Batson does have speed in spades and has mixed in as a receiver, runner, and returner during his four years in the NFL, managing 22 receptions for 197 yards, 7 carries for 36 yards, and 16 kick returns for 311 yards. He’ll be competing for a reserve role in Atlanta this summer, pushing for sixth receiver duties with an eye on potentially getting a few snaps lined up in the backfield and handling kick return duties if Avery Williams or Cordarrelle Patterson can’t for any reason. His speed makes him intriguing.

His Falcons career was highlighted by this catch in camp.

Betting odds would probably have Batson released early in the week once the Falcons have an opportunity to perform some basic due diligence.