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Falcons fans are somewhat confident in the direction of the team, but questions remain

How confident are Falcons fans in the direction of the team?

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we asked you how confident you are in the direction of the Atlanta Falcons. The results of our survey are in, and while fan confidence is still near its lowest point of the 2022 season, there was a slight uptick this week.

We turned to the comments to see why fans voted the way they did this week.

Falcoholic commenter why am I angrier (an apt username for a Falcons fan) said the cap room in 2023 and the fact that the Falcons have been generally more competitive than the 5-10 record would suggest shaped their perspective:

The jury is still out for FalconFanatic1980, whose confidence in the defense and passing game isn’t all that solid. But they do acknowledge that we have seen improvement in other areas under the current coaching staff.

For ericbaker0, it’s impossible to know if the team is headed in the right direction until we have a better idea of what Desmond Ridder can do as the starting QB.

And shoeman111 is simply not confident in the Falcons and can’t find many positives on the current roster. To be fair, it is absolutely wild that this team has been searching for a decent pass rusher since the end of John Abraham’s tenure.

Grumpy_Old_Bird has been a Falcons fan for 45 years, and those decades of experience with this team have them in wait-and-see mode. It all comes down to what the team does this offseason, and in 2023, we’d better see big improvements from the Falcons.

In other Reacts news, we asked a national audience how fans feel about NFL games being available exclusively on streaming platforms. As hard as change can be, people are generally adaptable, and the results bear that out.

What say you, Falcons fans? Sound off in the comments!

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