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Falcons fan confidence on the rise after switch to QB Desmond Ridder

Despite losing four of the last five games, fan confidence in the Falcons is rising heading into a Week 15 rematch with the Saints. It’s most likely tied to the switch to rookie Desmond Ridder at quarterback.

Atlanta Falcons v New York Jets Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

After finally enjoying a bye during Week 14, the Atlanta Falcons are back on the road in Week 15. This week, the team takes on the hated New Orleans Saints in a rematch of Week 1’s exciting but ultimately frustrating game. Both of these teams are in very different places compared to the first week of the season. Atlanta, for instance, is giving rookie Desmond Ridder his first start at quarterback. The Saints have also made a QB change to veteran Andy Dalton.

Neither of these teams are playing particularly well, with the Falcons sitting at 5-8 and the Saints just a game behind at 4-9. However, given the sorry state of the NFC South, Atlanta is just a game behind the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the race for the division title—and could conceivably wind up tied for first once again by the time the dust clears on Sunday. That’s pretty insane for a team three games below .500, but that’s how it happens to be shaking out this season.

Speaking of the team’s potential playoff run, our SB Nation Reacts survey once again asked Falcons fans about their level of confidence in the team, this time heading into Week 15.

Falcons fan confidence had been trending downward since the loss to the Commanders, but has rebounded this week—all the way up to 82%. Since the Falcons didn’t play football last week, something else must have precipitated this boost in morale. While our survey didn’t specifically ask if fans were, well, fans of the switch to Desmond Ridder, I think we can assume that it had a lot to do with it. I’m feeling similarly: the Falcons were heading nowhere fast with Marcus Mariota at the helm, and it was past time to make the switch to Ridder.

What are your thoughts on the team heading in to Week 15? Are you feeling more confident with Ridder at the helm?

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