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Falcons vs. Saints Week 15 open thread

It’s time for justice to be done.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Desmond Ridder start has been the story of the week, but lest you think it has overshadowed the matchup entirely, know we are as committed as ever to seeing the Saints go down in flames.

May today bring a good performance from the rookie quarterback, but may it also bring a great day for the Atlanta Falcons more generally, one where they dominate a hapless New Orleans Saints team in front of a horrified home crowd, knocking our most hated rival out of the playoff picture entirely. Let them enjoy a top five pick that’s actually going to the Eagles because of a dumb trade they made back in the spring. Let us bask in a Falcons victory today.

Regardless of the outcome, of course, you’ll be watching. Please use this as your open thread for this very important game, and as always, go Falcons!