Which QB will the Falcons draft in 2023? Or should they?

I've virtually written off the 2022 season at this point, and am fully focused on how the Falcons can field a Superbowl caliber team in 2023. I am personally of the belief that whomever leads this team at QB will be the ultimate deciding factor here. Sharing prospect details below:

1. Bryce Young

Pro's: CLUTCH, Deep ball accuracy, Mobile.

Con's: Size

My thoughts: If the Texan's don't take him #1 overall we should trade up to grab him. Young is a lock to be someone's franchise QB in the NFL.

2. Will Levis

Pro's: Physical abilities, Big arm, Mobile.

Con's: Unproven, Lackluster senior year.

My Thoughts: Transferring after being rejected at Penn state is concerning. Biggest boom or bust prospect in this class, not sure how well he would fit into our scheme. More of a 2nd or 3rd rounder in my opinion.

3. C.J. Stroud

Pro's: Size, Overall Accuracy, Throwing on the run/Mobile.

Con's: Can't win big games, Strength of competition.

My Thoughts: Despite his shortcomings (Also being an Ohio State QB), Falcons should trade up for him if available at #2.

4.Hendon Hooker

Pro's: Size, Big Arm, Mobile

Con's: Coming off ACL Injury

My Thoughts: My sleeper pick of this class, Hooker has a high ceiling and if available in early 2nd or even mid-late 1st round we should take him.

5. Stick with Desmond Ridder

Pro's: Size, Consistency, Already has 1 year of experience in our system.

Con's: Unproven, Accuracy, Ceiling unknown.

My Thoughts: Probably our most likely option for next year, I really think we need to see him play at least 2-3 games this year to know what we have (Hoping the Steelers beat us Sunday).

Overall I think this year's QB class is absolutely loaded and really tailored for what Arthur Smith is looking for in his offense. With Ridder's skillset still being a complete unknown, I would really like to see this regime make a play in the draft for one of these young QB's even if that means trading our future capital away.

Who do you think think our Falcons should draft at QB in 2023 (Or should we)? Is a trade up worth it and what would you be willing to give up to get our franchise QB? Interested to see what the communities thoughts are here.

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