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Falcoholinks: All the Falcons news you need for Wednesday, Nov. 30


Atlanta Falcons v Washington Commanders Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Midway through the workweek and we’ve got some links of the Falcons variety to kick off your day. Read on for Falcoholinks for a Wednesday.

Five things we learned

Well, we know the Falcons continue to find creative ways to lose football games, so that’s not included in this week’s post-mortem. So what five things did we learn from the loss to the Commanders?

...Maybe next year?

Despite the competitive nature of Atlanta’s matchups thus far, they’re simply not built to contend this year, our Cory Woodroof writes. The Falcons will have clawed themselves out of Cap Hell by next season, so they’ll be in prime position to finally add to a team that they’ve been slowly rebuilding since Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith took the helm.

LG Elijiah Wilkinson could return soon

Starting left guard Elijiah Wilkinson has not seen the field since Week 8 against the Panthers, where he was placed on injured reserve after the game. His window to return to the squad could open this week, meaning he’d likely be on track to join the team after the bye week.

Three up, three down

Who made the most of their reps on Sunday, and whose stock is trending downward? As always, our Will McFadden hits you with three up, three down from the game.