it's what the hell happened do 2022

1 mayfield you might be wondering about this it's quite simple arthur Smith fused to bench him. made author blank think he had to go out and get a QB we all know what happened wasn't pretty. single Hanley destroying the 2022 season. before this we will probably going to take the division by storm ohh well. Mayfield is most likely probably going to be a bust not because he's a bad football player oh anything It's because his confidence had been totally destroyed Great job AS.

2 the disastrous trade of Matt Ryan made us obviously going to be at best a 9 to 7. I know with this running attack plus what Matt Ryan can do down the field we'll probably be undefeated oh well.

3 author Smith obviously is not a very good head coach and OC. the NFL is the most difficult place to coach doing two jobs is not it's not the greatest idea.

4- Desmond Riddle situation literally other GM's from other teams can't figure out what's going on with the Falcons. the Falcon Fanbase can't figure out what's going. the Atlanta we get the Riddle Ratus thank huh . I guess this posture doesn't understand you do realize that MM fan boys i'm good to leave just saying.

it's getting quite clear that if we don't do something big in 2023 we're gonna have a new head coach and new GM in 2024. maybe we hired the Gm first

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