Post-Thanksgiving 2023 MOCK 2.0

With the Falcons managing some unexpected wins, it appears more than likely that they will end up drafting somewhere between 12 and 19 next year. Currently, they sit at #15 according to the computer models. Well, here is the latest of my mocks to discuss talent that should be on the Falcons' radar by the 2023 draft.

1P15 - LB Trenton Simpson (Clemson) – 6’3" / 240. 4.39 40-yd. (BPA)

I think it is time for the Falcons to upgrade the second level of its defense with BPA. Simpson was ranked #7 on the CBS Sports Board and no lower than #14 on any other Board I’ve seen. "Simpson could excel in a similar role as Micah Parsons, allowing him to play in the box, rush the passer and cloud passing lanes. The Charlotte native finds himself around the ball often because of his quick key and trigger. As far as his blitz potential, he could stand to add more mass to his frame but does a better job of using his quickness to avoid hands of the defender. Simpson closes quickly and is capable of covering the slot." -- CBS Sports NFL Draft analyst Josh Edwards.

2P46 - NT Siaki Ika (Baylor) – 6’4" / 358 lbs. 5.40 40-yd. (BPA)

Ika has high-level (NT) starter potential in the NFL. How does that translate to draft day? At present, the Baylor DT should be viewed as an early Day 2 prospect at the very latest in the 2023 NFL Draft. His alluring combination of size, lower body strength, athletic prowess, and pass-rush upside are enough to mitigate the areas of improvement — especially given some of those are coachable elements. Ika’s an exciting prospect who can make a significant impact on the league early in his career. Oliver Hodgkinson is a College Football and NFL Draft Analyst for Pro Football Network.

3P78 - 34DE/5T/EDGE Zach Harrison (Ohio St.) – 6’6" / 272 lbs. 4.41 40-yd. (BPA)

This former 5-star has great pedigree and development at the OSU pass rush factory. Some NFL observers see him as a boom or bust candidate (which is why he may slide), but I see him as a well-suited 5-Tech (DE) in a 34 Okie or Under defense opposite Jarrett at 3/4i Tech. Harrison has the length and ability to convert speed to power on the strong side. His 40-yard time is elite for a defensive lineman. I believe he’s a steal in the 3rd round.

4P114 - RB Zach Charbonnet (UCLA) – 6’1" / 220 lbs. 4.41 40-yd. (BPA)

Charbonnet has really helped his draft stock by transferring to UCLA. He has ideal size for the position combined with great speed and a powerful running style. He has put together some great rushing numbers. He is also effective in the passing (receiving) game, though he needs some improvement in pass protection. NFL experts envision him as a 3rd or 4th round selection in the 2023 draft with the potential to become a starter at the next level in a run-heavy scheme.

4P126 - OT Connor Galvin (Baylor) – 6’7" / 302 lbs. 5.05 40-yd. (Top OL Available)

In 2021, Galvin played 936 snaps at Left Tackle. He had only 1 penalty, allowed only 2 hurries and zero sacks. This year Galvin has once again distinguished himself on one of America’s better O-lines. He would be an absolute steal being available in the 4th round. While I believe an OC would be a wiser choice and greater need, none of the top performers (Van Pran, Michael-Schmitz, or Stromberg) were still available, so that could be addressed in F/A.

6P167 – WR Parker Washington (Penn St.) – 5’ 10" / 215 lbs. 4.49 40-yd. B(WR)A

Parker is dangerous in the open and he has a knack for getting open. His strong hands and ability to catch in congested spaces is excellent and once he is a runner, he’s difficult to harness. Possesses outstanding Special Teams upside including kick returns. His ceiling is All-Pro Slot (Y) receiver. He could become a Deebo Samuel with training and practice.

7P199 – QB Grayson McCall (Coastal Carolina) – 6’3" / 215 lbs.

McCall is an accurate QB with a 73% completion rate and an exceptional QBR of 144.1. He has a ceiling of NFL starter, but at the very least he projects as a solid backup. Using a 7th rounder on a player to compete among 3 QB's for a roster/PS spot is money well-spent. McCall seems to be an excellent fit for AS's offensive scheme, as he is highly mobile with significant rushing success in his college career. NOTE: He’s far more accurate than Mariota.

MOCK 2.1 with two FIRST ROUND TRADEDOWNS instead…

• Traded #15 + 78 to NE for #17 + 65 + 108

• Traded #17 + 172 to BUF for #28 + 60 +142 + 4th (2024)

1P28 - 34OLB/Wide-9/EDGE B.J. Olujari (LSU) – 6’3" / 250

2P46 - NT Siaki Ika (BAY) – 6’4" / 358

2P60 – SS Jordan Battle (ALA) – 6’1" / 206

3P65 – OLB/ILB Drew Sanders (ARK) – 6’5" / 232

4P108 – OT Connor Galvin (BAY) – 6’7" / 302

4P114 – RB Chase Brown (ILL) – 6’0" / 207

4P125 – 34DE/5T/EDGE Zach Harrison (OSU) – 6’6" / 272

5P142 – WR/KR Parker Washington (PSU) – 5’10" / 215

7P199 – QB Grayson McCall (CCU) – 6’3" / 215

I hope this puts some talent on your radar as we look forward to next Spring.

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