Can AS lead this team into contention now or even if we had the team and players, is Arthur Smith a winnable coach for the Falcons past 2023?

I truly never wanted to write this post and honestly after Arthur Smiths 1st year I felt we were in the right direction. He has been a good to very good Offensive Coordinator but we saw that in the previous regime under DQ and realized soon that Dan was just a very good DC and he needed to refine some skills. My big issue here with Arthur Smith is that he doesn't like change much and seems like he can't change at times. Now would be a good time for Desmond Ridder to play in my opinion but Mr. Smith feels MM still can lead this team and with 7 games left. I understand about getting in a rookie in too soon and then making him gun shy but what about us near the top in turnovers? Now with our OL in shambles, he wants Mayfield supposedly handling the LG spot when we all witnessed a rookie making him look terrible in practice. I just don't see great things happening here anymore under AS but on the other hand I do think TF is doing a good job. My hope is we can beat the Bears this Sunday but if we lose again with MM under center. I truly hope Arthur Blank looks into another coach after 2023 and possibly sooner if he wishes. Sorry, I had to write this post but honestly I feel confused as to what AS wants with his team as late.

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