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Falcons sign DL Christopher Hinton to practice squad

Yes, he’s that Chris Hinton’s son.

NFL: AUG 11 Preseason - Giants at Patriots Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The Falcons are suddenly on a roster shuffling spree. They’ve added multiple defensive linemen to the practice squad and have surprisingly cut ties with Anthony Rush, seemingly setting us up to see at least one player elevated from the practice squad Sunday.

Today, they added one more to fill their remaining practice squad spot. The player may not be familiar, but if you’re a Falcons fan of a certain age, the name certainly will be. That’s because it’s Christopher Hinton, son of former All-Pro tackle and four year Falcon Chris Hinton.

The 2022 undrafted free agent plays on the other side of the ball from his dad, making his way to the NFL as an impactful defensive lineman for Michigan. The Giants scooped him up after the draft and he also spent time with the Dolphins, who cut him from the practice squad a couple of weeks ago. With quality size and strength, Hinton becomes an immediately interesting practice squad stash for a team without a lot of proven defensive line depth, and it’s really cool to see him joining the same team the senior Chris Hinton played for.

Atlanta will, as we mentioned, almost certainly bring a player up to the active roster from the practice squad, with veteran Jaleel Johnson and rookie Derrick Tangelo looming as potential options. Matt Dickerson, Abdullah Anderson, and Timothy Horne will likewise get plenty of run, as they’re already on the roster and both Anderson and Horne have had their quality moments as reserves this year.

We’ll see what happens there, but either way, give Hinton a warm welcome to Atlanta.