Is it time to look at Ridder as the Steelers went to Pickett yesterday? Do we see about signing Lamar Jackson too next year?

Yesterday Big Low Kuntry brought up that Mariota is possibly fighting the fumbles and scared to make mistakes. Most listeners to his show said they feel the Falcons can get to the playoffs but possibly Mariota is going to be the road block to our success. He did make the critical throw yesterday to help us out of the end zone but still might of prevented a win against the Saints had he not fumbled in a crucial spot. I think MM is trying but another fumble or interception may just keep us from winning next week, I wonder if AS thinks Desmond Ridder will be confident enough to play this year but our signal caller now is costing us so far. Anyways, do we go after Lamar Jackson next season or ride with Ridder as our new QB? I hope that Baltimore actually pays Jackson because expensive free agents coming here usually haven't been good and although Jackson is super talented and a much better QB than Watson imo, I just hope that we simply look at another backup to sit behind Mr. Ridder. I do hope MM gets his act together but another sloppy game from him and I do hope AS looks at Ridder for the next opportunity.

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