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Falcons fans the most confident they’ve been in a long, long time

Playing competitively will do that.

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At 3-3, the Atlanta Falcons are at .500 early in the season, a season in which many experts didn’t think the team would eclipse more than a few wins. In September, five NFL executives ranked the Falcons as being the worst overall team in the NFC.

Now the Falcons are battling for a playoff spot and find themselves tied for first in the NFC South. Now, there’s a lot of football left to be played, and the Falcons do have the easiest remaining schedule currently, but that hasn’t stopped Falcons fans from being extremely confident.

Ninety-seven percent! That’s a ton of confidence, which now makes me a little nervous considering what usually happens when we feel good about the Falcons. But this regime has the Falcons playing good football, and playing competitively most importantly. We’ll see if it continues as they face a talented Cincinnati Bengals team on Sunday.

Did you like the red throwback helmets that the team wore against the San Francisco 49ers? I sure did. I’m a strong believer that if you look good, you’ll play good, and the Falcons definitely played well.

Don’t worry though, as this isn’t the last time we will see the red helmets this year. In June, Brett Jewkes, the Chief Operating Officer and Senior Vice President of AMB Group, appeared on ‘The Falcoholic Live’ and shared an exclusive update that the team would wear the red helmets twice during the 2022 season. We’ll see them again in Week 13 against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The fans overwhelmingly love the helmets, and hopefully they become a regular occurrence every season. I’m not sure that the team would abandon their modern look for a throwback uniform permanently, but we’ve seen some teams around the league make the wise decision to do that, such as the Buffalo Bills and Cleveland Browns. It’s nice to try something new, but there’s a reason that the best uniforms in the NFL are the simple, classic looks.

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