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Bring back the 90s with your own Falcons starter jacket

Nostalgia activated.

If you’re like me, you spent the 90s wishing you had a Falcons starter jacket. Some of you—the lucky ones, I’d call you—might’ve even had one.

If you’re looking to transport yourself back in time to that august era, or you’re too young to know what I’m talking about but you want a really fantastic looking jacket with the old Falcons logo and colors, you’re in luck. Our partners at HOMAGE are selling Falcons Starter jackets, with what I’m being told is a very limited inventory, just ahead of the gift-giving season. It’s okay to give yourself a gift, by the way.

Here’s what that jacket looks like:


The return of the Falcons’ throwback red helmets and their general willingness to showcase the classic logo and colors more frequently may be activating your nostalgia the way it did mine, so this is a well-timed launch from HOMAGE. They also have some other nice throwback gear—I picked up a red t-shirt with the classic logo, for example—but it’s hard to say no to a Starter jacket if you’re of a certain age like I am. These ones have all the classic details of the original jackets that my friends made me jealous by wearing, including full-snap buttons, slip pockets, elbow stripes and the custom interior patch.

If you’re interested in buying one, here’s the link to go do so. If these do sell out—and I’d expect them to—I’ll be sure to let everyone know if new ones become available.