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Falcons v. Browns: Myles Garrett ruled out (Porsche 911 Turbo S) for Sunday’s game

The elite pass rusher won’t suit up against the Falcons.

Auto Guangzhou 2021 Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Good news for Marcus Mariota and bad news for the Browns and GEICO car insurance: Myles Garrett will miss Sunday’s game after flipping his car multiple times earlier this week. Garrett is and has been one of the league’s best pass rushers since he was drafted 1st overall by the Browns and already has 3.0 sacks in the first three games of the season.

This is pretty good for the Falcons.

For Garrett, the great news is he seems to be in great shape after the accident with what sounds like superficial injuries — he should return soon. As it turns out, a car with a tested 0-60 in a blazing 2.2 seconds is probably not your best daily driver in wet conditions. Volvos are tough to flip multiple times unless if you are really trying.

For the Falcons, this is a huge plus. Cleveland’s defense has been pretty uneven even with Garrett. Further, Jadaveon Clowney is also questionable for Sunday’s game. Cleveland’s front seven is an area the Falcons will look to attack, with a heavy running attack nearly guaranteed, provided that Cordarrelle Patterson (questionable) plays. Mariota should have a cleaner pocket for developing the passing game and for his (nearly guaranteed) rushes.

Atlanta’s offense is hitting its stride and matches up favorably to Cleveland’s defense. The loss of Garrett is just some additional momentum for Atlanta. The bigger question will be what Atlanta’s defense can do against Nick Chubb.