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Falcoholic Podcast: Atlanta fights hard but still fall to playoff bound Bills

I don’t care what you say - Matt Ryan was robbed.

NFL: Atlanta Falcons at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

There are no moral victories. The Falcons loss and dropped to 7-9 with one game to go and they are now mathematically out of the playoff race. Yet, what happens in the game does matter and the context paints a picture that defies a 14-point loss.

Evan and I got together to talk about this game and why it may have been the best performance Atlanta has had against a playoff team all year. Topics include:

  • Kyle Pitts setting records and why his absence in the 2nd half was painful
  • The dreadful performance of the offensive line, specifically Jaylen Mayfield
  • The crazy performance from the defense, intercepting Josh Allen 3 times and limiting him to 120 passing yards
  • A.J. Terrell sticking with Stefon Diggs and limiting him to just 52 yards receiving
  • Matt Ryan and how his overturned TD was another completely botched call by the referees
  • So much more

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