Ways to Improve the NFL

This entire NFL season has been a roller coaster ride and probably the most exciting and entertaining season we've had in a long time. However, there are many things about the league that need to be addressed/changed ASAP. I've got a list of them

1. Get rid of the taunting rule. Dumbest rule I've ever seen. These guys put their body on the line every time they set foot on the field. If they make a play, let them celebrate, let them talk all the trash they want. They've earned the right to do so.

2. Make changes to roughing the passer. I respect the fact that Goodell, McKay, and others have made an effort to protect the players. However, the changes made to the Roughing the Passer penalty have made it to a point where as a defensive player, you cannot breathe on the QB without it being a personal foul. For example, Chase Young routinely attempt to sack Matt Ryan and shoves him to the ground- while the ball is still in his hands. Had that call gone against us, this entire page would have erupted and rightfully so.

3. Get rid of the 17th game. The fans don't seem to care for it and the players hate it.

4. Address ticket pricing. If you thought the prices for Falcons tickets were bad, wait until you see tickets for many of the other teams around the league. Like come on now, I'm going to a sporting event, not dinner with the President. Also, make it a rule that if a team has a losing season, then they HAVE to lower their ticket prices for next season. It's only fair.

5. On the same day of the Pro Bowl, have the worst team from each conference play each other. The winner gets the number one overall pick in the draft and the loser gets positioned accordingly with their record. Nobody watches the Pro Bowl anyways

6. Get rid of the seventh seed and go back to the old playoff format. Let's be real. The Steelers and the Eagles had no business being in the playoffs and it showed.

7. Change the Pro Bowl voting system to where each team must have at least now pro bowler. Too many guys get snubbed every year because their team has a bad record (AJ and CP).

8. If a receiver drops a pass and that pass ends up being intercepted, that interception should not count against the QB.

9. Overtime- if you have watched the NFL long enough, you would know that prior to 2012, teams could just simply win the toss, get into FG range, kick a field goal and win the game. The league changed it and rightfully so to the current setup. However, for as well as well as Josh Allen played last night (and I think he outplayed Mahomes), he never even got to see the field in OT. If the Falcons had a crack on offense in overtime of the Super Bowl, who knows what happens. Each team should start at their opponent's 30 yard line. All college rules should apply.

What else do you think the league should do to help improve it?

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