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2022 Divisional Round Sunday open thread

It’s Rams vs. Buccaneers and Bills vs. Chiefs today.

NFL: SEP 26 Buccaneers at Rams Photo by Icon Sportswire

We’re on to NFL Divisional Round Sunday, and both matchups today should come with plenty of fireworks. Figurative ones, maybe literal ones, we’ll see.

First up is Buccaneers-Rams. It’s not difficult to figure out who we’re rooting for in this one, frankly, but it should be a good, close game between two of the NFC’s very best teams. I’m hoping we see a lot of the image that accompanies this article, with Tom Brady having an awful day en route to a Rams victory. We can figure out our complicated rooting priorities for the NFC Championship Game from there, but no thank you on the Bucs returning.

Then we get Bills-Chiefs. I like the Chiefs a lot, but I am pulling hard for the Bills to make it to the AFC Conference Championship given how generally likeable their team is and how long it’s been since they made any noise in the AFC. Again, given that this features two of the best offenses in