PFF 2022 Mock Draft

Here we go: When our turn came up Hamilton is sitting right there for the taking, along with 8 different trade offers. I took the one that moved us down the least and still got us the best deal for the future, a 2023 1st. (Now for the hard-core realist out there, this may be a fairy tale trade, but just pretend it's a 2nd if the scenario really bothers you). Green is one of, if not the best interior lineman of this class. He is also versatile, so in the event C, RG or T goes down, God forbid, he may be able to move around and cover for a spell. I did think about CB, Elam, Gardner or Booth however. Now my reasoning passing on Hamilton went like this: If we could magically bring back Ed Reed, Ronnie Lott, or Earl Thomas in their prime, put them on our 2021 roster, how much of an impact would they really make? My answer is that we would really still be bad. Just with some great safety highlight reels peppered between many lousy efforts by our outmatched D-Line. Now, I have picked this guy in a few mocks when he fell to us. I would be happy if we got Hamilton in real life. It just didn't happen for this mock which is more about 2023 and beyond.

Moving along, Ebeketie was the only guy I saw in this range, Cam Thomas, Jermaine Johnson and the like were all gone. He has some decent power and his stats and play on the field should translate to solid pro. Bonnito may not be everyone's flavor, but he is growing on me. Maybe it's just some post traumatic Beasley symptoms. There is some regret as Wyatt, DT from Georgia, may have more of an immediate impact. Pickens, WR from Georgia and David Bell WR from Purdue were considered here too. Travis Jones seems a reasonable at this spot though he would, in a best-case scenario, go lower. He is a space eater and good against double teams and the run if nothing else.

Beavers was a reach but there are some traits he has that would make him a must-have if Foye and Jones split. Good downhill run defense, decent chops in short area zone pass coverage, not a lot of missed tackles. Moore can create some separation on routes so good deal there even if he is on the small side. He is good here, especially if Gage walks. Haskins may be better suited for gap/power scheme offenses but the other choices I really didn't know much about so I went with the highest rated. Woods is a really big guy. 6'7", 265 and decent hands, slow feet but a willing blocker.

There you have it. Bottom line, the trade down really works for me as the Falcons would be set up nicely for 2023. Instead of just having multiple 4th rounders, we would also have an extra 1st (Or 2nd for the hard-core realists still out there). This may be important if we need to move up or down for a QB and still have enough picks to keep building our lines and growing better depth. Let me know how you feel in the comments.

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