8 Playoff teams left versus our Falcons

Green Bay- Top 5 QB- Rodgers, 2 good running backs, 1 great WR, good defense

Tampa Bay- GOAT QB- 3 good running backs; 1 great WR, good defense

LA Rams- Top 10 QB- 3 good running backs, 1 great receiver; good defense

San Francisco- Top 20 QB- 3 good running backs, 1 good receiver, 1 great TE; good defense

Tennessee- Top 20 QB- 1 great running back, 2 good receivers, good defense

Kansas City- Top 5 QB- 2 good running backs, 1 good receiver, 1 great TE; good defense

Buffalo- Top 10 QB- 2 good running backs, 1 good/great receiver, 1 good TE; good defense

Cincinnati- Top 10 QB- 2 good running backs, 1 great receiver ( + 2 good ones ), good defense

So, it appears the blueprint is set.

QB (good enough)

Running Game/Backs (has to be good)

WR's/TE (need at least one stud, more is ok)

Defense (needs to be solid)

So how are we compared to the 8 finalist

QB (good enough, especially with everything else (but we don't have everything else)

Running game/backs (easily need improvement in all aspects of run game)

WR's/TE (Pitts will be top 5 but needs much help now)

Defense (we aren't and rarely have we ever been good)

So, by this analysis it appears that we should improve the defense FIRST (as we have SOME of the other components) BUT should we finish what we have already started (example ADD to Pitts with the next star WR) this might be a good draft to do that.

Seeing as we have scarce little for FA acquisitions - this draft WILL shape the future. We only have 2021 draft to go on along with TF BPA strategy- so perhaps we will add a little here, a little there- until our CAP becomes more manageable.

Going back to the 8 current playoff teams and considering how the NFL rules favor the offense... I hope we can get more than the 7 picks scheduled in the 2022 draft for two reasons... 1) Very hard to find playoff talent after Round 5 (not impossible but odds are against) and 2) We can work on the offensive side of the ball where we are closer to success...

In 2023 draft, get QB and go all DEFENSE (I know we seem to put off defense every year, but AS & TF inherited what they inherited...

Pick 8- Trade back for pick 13 (Browns)- pick up an additional 2nd rounder in 2023- Browns take WR Olave

Pick 13- Charles Cross OT

Pick 43- Isaiah Spiller RB

Pick 44- Zion Johnson- OG

Pick 74- Jalen Tolbert- WR

Pick 111- Damone Clark- LB

Pick 150- Cole Turner- TE

Pick 190- Tyreke Smith- EDGE

So after this mock, our roster looks like...

QB- status quo

Running Game/RB- IMPROVED ( Cross- OT, Johnson- OG, Spiller- RB)

WR'S/TE- IMPROVED (Tolbert WR, Turner TE)

Defense- status quo

Not perfect, but what do you think of the overall comparison(s)?

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